Uranus square true node/ north node

Published July 1, 2013 by 51percentawesome

Your Experience of Individuation and Transformation through Revelation Conflict with Both the Unfolding of Your Destiny and Your Predispositions

Uranus’ square to the Moon’s Nodes suggests that you are distracted by change and/or by your desire for greater freedom and individuality. This keeps you from pursuing either your destiny and/or from developing your innate qualities in a positive manner. It may be that you experience so much change and instability in your life that you cannot devote your energy to pursuing either of the two goals symbolized by the Moon’s Nodes. It may also be the case that your desire for constant change and stimulation becomes a distraction from the work suggested by the Nodes and their placement. Thus, you may use the pursuit of new and changing circumstances to avoid your destiny and/or avoid putting your resources and talents into productive use.
A related manifestation of Uranus square the Moon’s Nodes is that you may come to believe that your own uniqueness–whether expressed in unconventional behavior or in an overly individualistic attitude–is of paramount importance. Your concern for expressing yourself overshadows any concern for the work symbolized by the Nodes. In order to truly pursue your destiny or seriously attempt to develop and employ your innate capabilities, you must give up any false idea that you are uniquely important. You must also acquire a stable environment in which to operate in order to actualize the purposes symbolized by the Moon’s Nodes.
This conflicts with the needs and desires symbolized by Uranus. It is more likely that you will sacrifice the more abstract goals of destiny fulfillment and potential development than that you will give up your self-preoccupation with change, freedom and/or individuality. If the effects of the square are to be overcome, you must tap and harness the transformative energy symbolized by Uranus. Only when you have risen above the conflict can you progress on all three fronts symbolized by this configuration of Uranus and the Moon’s Nodes.
Transcendent Potential
You can realize the transcendent potential of Uranus square the Moon’s Nodes by actualizing the transformative energy symbolized by Uranus. You are then able to gain insight not only into your own individuality, but also into the role that the process of individuation plays with regard to fulfilling of your destiny and developing your innate qualities. Only by abandoning an ego-based self-concept and seeing your self in the light your Higher Mind’s Vision can you rise above the apparent conflict symbolized by the square to the Moon’s Nodes.
When this occurs, you will clearly see that your destiny necessitates your individuation. You must recognize that, in Reality, you are the Self and not the ego. While still in your ego-state, you are “not” the Self, however, and therefore you must progress toward transcendence by climbing toward the Light. You realize that you have been given the capacity to actualize your Self. As the mystic, Bikha, once said, “Everyone has jewels in his bundle, but few know how to untie the knot.” Pierced by a Vision of Reality, you have set out to untie your knot, struggling at first against the ego to marshal your forces and move forward toward your destiny. This struggle and this journey take you ever more into the Light of the Real.
If you are inwardly insecure, you will fear your destiny and fear shouldering the responsibility to make of yourself that of which you are innately capable. These fears keep you locked within the prison of your own individuality. You are focused on your own uniqueness to such an extent that where you are ultimately going in life is of secondary importance. Your arrogant self-importance is imaginary, because you have not developed any of your innate gifts. Consequently, you aimlessly drift in your own willfulness. If you pay any attention to your destiny or to your predispositions, it is in a negative sense. You use “destiny” as an excuse for your outrageous behavior. You even may perceive your innate faults as valuable and unique components of your personality.


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