Saturn in Sagittarius

Published July 1, 2013 by 51percentawesome

The placement of Saturn in Sagittarius indicates that you have a need for structure and discipline that is generous and expansive. The placement of Saturn in Sagittarius is usually problematic. Saturn is in the sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet associated with Saturn’s naturally opposing principle—expansion. The Saturnian function, therefore, must function in a milieu that fosters tendencies that are contradictory to the principles it represents. The one point of harmony between Saturn and Sagittarius is that both are associated with support of conventional, establishment principles. However, this may make it even more difficult for your Saturn energy to assert itself, since it must accept the basic Sagittarian framework, but within that framework it is continually subverted. Much of the behavior and many of the personality characteristics associated with Saturn in Sagittarius are a result of the inherent conflicts involving Saturnian functions that this placement symbolizes.
Sagittarius is the Mutable Earth sign. Both mutability and fire are inimical to the stable, earth energy associated with Saturn. The Saturnian functions demand stability in order to function optimally. Operating in a mutable environment forces you to exercise these functions in a changeable environment. The activity associated with fire is also constantly challenging the enduringness and stability associated with Saturn. Thus, you must learn to adapt, to be flexible and to allow those structures symbolized by Saturn to expand if Saturn in Sagittarius is to be expressed in a positive mode.

Lessons/Obstacles: Life lessons faced by you are often those needed to enable you to learn restraint and to balance expansion and limitation; obstacles are overcome by you through growth and understanding – Obstacles are often created by you through your excessiveness, your judgmentalism and/or your over-optimism
Order/Stability/Rigidity: You generally have a broad understanding of structure and order; you are likely to have an affinity for expansive structures and a lack of rigidity, although you tend to see order as convention-based – You are likely to lack rigidity and order and this
may lead to inconsistency; you may have a judgmental approach when it comes to keeping order; you are likely to have an exaggerated sense of the need for structure
Discipline/Accomplishment: You may enjoy broad competency as a generalist; you are able to make discipline fun; your sense of discipline is often motivated by sense of quest and adventure – You often attempt to accomplish too much; discipline may not be taken seriously by you; you tend to become disciplined only when you are challenged or threatened

Transcendent Potential
Saturn actualizes the transcendent potential of Sagittarius when you understand discipline and principles of organization in a broad-minded sense. The wisdom of abiding by conventional norms is perceived, rather than blind adherence to these norms. Your focus then becomes one of personal and spiritual development within those norms. A healthy generosity and beneficence tempers any tendency you may have towards harshness or too much restriction. You are able to use discipline and structure to expand your awareness.

When the insecurities inherent in Saturn in Sagittarius are manifest, you are likely to be focused on your inability to clearly define the limits of expansion. Your ego wants to feel that it is not limited and can be expansive (i.e., do whatever you want). Consequently, you have a natural tendency to take a loose approach with regard to discipline and the need to maintain order in your life. When it becomes obvious or you fear that you have transgressed some limit, you may begin to fear the consequences of going too far. There may be a sudden pullback from your happy-go-lucky disregard for order and discipline. This makes your discipline inconsistent. Also, you may feel a need to compensate for your tendency to go beyond the proper bounds. This overcompensation may manifest as an exaggerated need to adhere to rules. Since you really want to go in both directions, your discipline may be exaggerated in certain areas and too liberal in others. Your unwillingness to follow rules that you see being externally imposed sometimes results in judgmentalism and this produces an arbitrariness when you yourself impose order.


3 comments on “Saturn in Sagittarius

  • This is pretty much accurate. I battle back and forth between which rules to follow and doing what I feel is right and true. So I’m searching for truth that I can feel free to govern myself by.

    • My Saturn is in Sag conjunct Uranus at least the Nature of Sagittarius flows more comfortably with this conjunction than some signs would. I think it aids Uranus more than Saturn. However the conflict is still there if Uranus doesn’t like something it jerks it away if Saturn in turn doesn’t like something the same. I can build up something in my life only to destroy it. When I get what I desire which often happens I long for what I had before or to go in the opposite direction get to a point of anger blow up and head for it. Its like these planets Jerk back and forth. I want total freedom then when I get it I feel I need more structure which Saturn in Sag has a hard time providing. Uranus is more sudden and uncontrolable Saturn is like a steady Jerking feeling. These energies do not blend. If I supress one or the other events take place in my life and Saturn or Uranus Forces me to listen.

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