Saturn in the First House (previously 12th)

Published June 22, 2013 by 51percentawesome

If you have Saturn in the 1st House, you are probably reserved, quiet, and serious. People may take you for quite a cold person. You are responsible, hard-working and duty comes first on your list of priorities. Self-controlled and disciplined are how others see you. You may have experienced a rather austere or difficult early childhood. Perhaps there was illness that kept you on the sidelines. Feelings of inferiority, insecurity, or unworthiness may push you to great ambitions and accomplishments. Perhaps you feel unloved or that you are not worthy of love. These feelings may have been activated in your early, formative years. Pessimism and depression may come upon you because everything looks like such a struggle for you. Keep your chin up and realize that no hard work is ever wasted and that rewards will come to you later in life if you buckle down now and toe the line. Survival issues may come into play.

Saturn is now considered to be first house, as per this change

Each planet in the twelfth house represents energies that an individual may be denying even exists. Saturn in this house could mean an early life setback which prompts you to push the realities of life into the unconscious. People with this position of Saturn often are plagued with guilt and it is difficult for them to know where the guilt is coming from, or even to define their anxieties. Fear of the unknown and of being overwhelmed or controlled by emotions may be the source of your general anxiety in life. It can be difficult for you to submit to the idea that you may need help from others, preferring instead to withdraw and handle your problems in solitude. The idea of exposing your innermost feelings makes you feel painfully vulnerable and dependent on others. A deep-seated feeling of loneliness and separateness can be the result. While self-control seems to be the most attractive route for you, you might find that letting others inside you, even in little ways, will help you overcome many of the vague feelings of guilt, self-doubt, and anxiety that prevent you from enjoying life in a free and natural manner. Learning to embrace your sorrow, free from guilt, is the first step towards true self-acceptance. You may be an escapist from life itself. Address your escapism. Question yourself, or talk things through with an alter ego. Make sure that you understand the demands of the real world, as well as its joys and pleasures. This will help you lead a more fulfilling and rich life.

Saturn in the 12th house tends to feel a responsibility for all the suffering in society. A common feature of this placement is the dutiful nature displayed towards those less fortunate in the world, hence, some of these individuals take this responsibility on the material plane and help to care for the mentally ill, elderly; those who have suffered misfortune and loss. That is, those people who feel they are somehow separate from humanity. Many find themselves working in hospitals, orphanages and prisons and it it so often becomes a life-long career. Feeling weighed down by the sense of isolation and loneliness those with Saturn here are often burdened with the need to sacrifice their individual, personal goals. Firstly this is done through a sense of guilt, and secondly through obligation and finally, the chains of responsibility.

The twelfth house is always a difficult house unless the path of service is pursued, and that somehow the release of energy in this way alleviates much of the frustration and loneliness which accompanies 12th house planets, and makes the required sacrifices bearable.

Guilt looms large with this placement of Saturn although it is generalized rather than specific guilt. It may cause a man to seek penance through solitude, or there may be religious penance in the literal sense resulting in the monk or the nun. It may apparently be involuntary penance as is the case with incarceration; but the man himself chooses this course although he may not consciously believe he will have to pay. It may result in sickness or withdrawal from conscious awareness through drugs, alcohol, or insanity. Or it may be much more subtle and less drastic, as in the case of the man who is always alone and always feels separation from the rest of humanity and the rest of life, no matter how many people he surrounds himself with. By Liz Greene, A New Look at an Old Devil

The twelfth house brings up uncomfortable images of chaos, insanity, sickness and the eventual loss of the self, and there are deep fears around letting go emotionally, representing an individual who feels they need to protect and defend themselves against the inner chaos of the 12th house. Therefore they may spend some of their time working in solitude and find themselves reviewing the past through a state of deep introspection.

Amongst other things the twelfth house rules secrets, all that is hidden, and the subconscious mind. As a cadent house it naturally rules the mind and is optimum for dealing with all kinds of phobias and anxieties dating from childhood, perhaps even further back. This house is about dissolving boundaries and entering the unconscious life; but Saturn abhors dissolution, and fears what lies beyond reality. The individual with Saturn in the 12th house sometimes feels a lack of stability, dread of the irrational, and fear of losing control over oneself and ending up in isolation or imprisoned.

Saturn here can find great inner strength and gradually open up to the vast, unknown, and chaotic depths of one’s own soul. These people are humble and capable of great devotion, service, and selflessness. They have the capacity to work productively behind the scenes, and in private. The task for these individuals is to learn how to face the unconscious mind, and find illuminating experiences in the vague, the mysterious and unseen, and bring these collective images into some kind of form.

the position in sign indicates the colour which your seriousness takes on, whereas the position in house, much more important, points to the challenging area of life.

The combination of the house of ordeals and sacrifices with the planet of renunciation may seem awkward at first. However, it may help you assert yourself when you are facing painful circumstances, or when destiny’s strikes bring about periods of isolation.

If your generosity of spirit and your will are up to the stake – your quick and intense evolution – you may take advantage of this promising but difficult configuration. Then, you become stronger, more lucid, and more dedicated than ever.

Your Sense of Limitation, Organization and Discipline Is Focused on Self-Transcendence and the Unknown
Generally, the Twelfth House is considered to be a difficult placement for Saturn. Saturn is associated with the concrete and with actions and processes that work upon a concrete reality. The Twelfth House, however, is associated with what is indefinite and immaterial, with the unknown and with the process of transcending the material plane and its concept of ego-self. Thus, the functions represented by Saturn are drawn into a foreign milieu and this milieu must either be accommodated or the Saturnian functions become subject to forces and situations that are detrimental to its integrity.
This necessity to disintegrate the concrete, symbolized by Saturn’s placement in the Twelfth House, may be expressed negatively or, through transcendence, may be manifested positively. Sometimes, however, the negative manifestation of the Saturn-Twelfth House dynamic leads you in a positive direction.
Loss is often one such negative occurrence. This may be loss of a father, the dissolution of status, unforeseen loss, loss that seems fated or that comes as a consequence of some negativity, or loss of one’s ability to function concretely. These losses are often accompanied by pain and suffering and you may be unaware of why this may be occurring to you. Such loss may overwhelm you, causing you to become bitter or self-pitying. You may feel that you are crippled.
Sometimes the effect of such a loss is to motivate you toward achievement in order to compensate for your suffering. For some, the trauma of the event shakes you into a realization of the impermanence of the material world and its associations and you begin to seek some Reality that is more lasting.
Another manifestation of Saturn in the Twelfth House is that you feel challenged by the unknown or that you are forced to function in an ambiguous environment. You may learn to cope very well in such an environment. However, you may also feel that you have certain weaknesses and handicaps that are not faced by other people. You may be placed in situations where you must try to achieve objectives that are vague and ill defined. It may be as if you are always building upon the sand, or building only to have the waves come in and wash your construct away.
Because of the expectation or desire for solidity that Saturn represents and the lack thereof in the Twelfth House experience, you may develop neuroses that are based upon fear of loss or fear of the unknown. This would not make it any easier for you to function in the world. The solution is generally either to learn how to function within an unclear and ambiguous environment or to transcend that environment.
Transcendent Potential
You may realize the transcendent potential of Saturn in the Twelfth House when you experience pain, great suffering or loss, rejection and loneliness. Then, you see through the illusion of what you had taken as concrete reality and you grasp that there is a finer reality, a dimension beyond the physical. Ultimately, you discover that it is not only the world, but your ego that must be transcended if you are to taste that Reality.
This, you discover, demands discipline and sacrifice. It demands that you seclude yourself from the world and its attachments—not necessarily literally, but more importantly in an inner sense. It demands that you sacrifice what you are attached to and that you allow the gross elements of your psyche to be dissolved away. This exacting discipline will allow you to let go of your ego and your attachments. Then, in that exquisite loneliness, you may taste the Divine hidden within you consciousness.
If you are inwardly insecure, this may have its cause in you having had traumatic suffering and pain. If you have not, you are certainly aware of that possibility and this has aroused a great and paralyzing fear within you. You would like to make the unknown a concrete object that you can see and judge, but this is impossible, so you fear the unknown, which is a dimension that spreads out all around you in time and in space.
Your neuroticisms are deep and plentiful. You are also likely to be consumed with self-pity. You may call this sorrow and may feel that you have good reason to grieve. Your internal motivation, however, is to make yourself a martyr, to be crucified on the cross of your troubles. This may be very romantic but it does not lead anywhere.
Your neurotic fears may also be expressed as an intense desire for control over your situation. Anything that is vague, that is not materially evident, that is hidden from view or that is unpredictable must be brought under control or it must be denied. The result is a neurotic rigidity and a squeezing out of the essence of spiritual life in favor of the lifeless shell.
Focus of Your Effort and Discipline
You are likely to focus your efforts and discipline on the development of your spirituality, or in practicing humble service to humanity. You may also carry forth your efforts into trying to bring forth what is ethereal or indefinable into a concretely manifest element, such as with music or art. If your efforts are not expended in these or similar directions, then there is a good chance that any effort you do make will be dissipated and marked by lack of discipline and commitment. Or worse, your efforts may be directed in devious or self-destructive directions.
Focus of Your Insecurity and Your Challenge to Overcome Limitation
You are often challenged to overcome the unknown or to overcome negative forces and the effects of past traumas that lie buried deep within you. Often, you have not been taught how to deal with the ambiguities of life. You may have an unreasonable fear of the unknown or you may have other fears to overcome. If you overcome these fears and you learn how to deal with uncertainties, then you may become quite proficient at the art of bringing undefined and seemingly unmanageable situations under control.
Focus of Externally Imposed “Lessons”
The lessons that you have to learn in this life tend to be obviously “karmic.” Difficult situations that you may be forced to deal with tend to “come out of nowhere.” Actually, they have been lurking, hidden, the consequences of your own past actions, just waiting to spring. Frequently, these lessons not only crop up from hidden places, but they are harsh lessons as well. Also, it is not always obvious what the intent of these life lessons is. The “cosmic message” may seem to be obscure, until you transcend your everyday consciousness and you look at the situation from a higher viewpoint.


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