chiron trine venus

Published June 21, 2013 by 51percentawesome


True love cannot be made without Chiron.


Chiron is a centaur, a wild and wise being who in our astrology highlights our most untamed weakness and our most supportive potential. It is where we are most vulnerable and most in need of sustenance; so inevitably, if we find some other person who in some way soothes that vulnerability or wound, then they are going to become an intimate acquaintance in some sense, and what could be more intimate than the bond of mutual respect and support that is formed between lovers?

Painful relationships with women. Relationships with women in which sexual competitiveness, envy and jealousy dominate. Inability to tap into your powers of attraction. Learning about the Law of Attraction. Overcoming fears of being alluring and seductive. Learning to flirt. Learning to enjoy the pleasurable side of life.

With Chiron trine Venus, you are a gifted healer and a teacher. You have the voice of experience which gives you empathy with other people. You have a talent for seeing the beauty in your loved ones and helping them heal their psychological wounds and realise their full potential.

Chiron in aspect to Venus is the psychic correlation between the principle of love and attraction and our deepest insecurity, sensitivity and inner hurt. Any aspect will be difficult in that it will sensitize the affections, creating a difficulty in love. Albeit, it does give a transcendent possibility, if the wound of Chiron can be brought into the light and transformed with compassion. The trine will demonstrate many of these same issues, but the healing that is required by the contact will come more easily and naturally, and with less upheaval and stress. This does not mean that all will be roses of course, because we still have pain to face up to. But providing we can acknowledge the need to change and heal, this aspect will be very helpful in easing the course. Chiron trine Venus relationship will demand a great deal of compassionate intimacy. You simply cannot be standoffish or cool in love if this aspect is in your astrology!

Chiron is trine Venus difficulties with primary karmic sexual experiences are a major life problem. My files have many examples of very long and demanding love relationships which are very stressful. This native is very alluring to people in general; many people may fall in love with this native during the lifetime, but the native is caught in a stressful love affair which cannot ever be very pleasurable. It is always difficult to know what past-life contents in relationships are unless they have been remembered in regression, but the incidence of relationships coming from much past-life experience is continually coming up in my practice. Natives with Chiron trine Venus can develop the most profound understanding about human love, but that level of understanding usually comes out of very complex and karmic relationships.

With Chiron-Venus aspects, there is a tendency to give, and give, and give again in close personal and love relationships, and a tremendous fear of rejection from a lover. No matter how much these people do for a partner, they never feel it is enough. Early experiences of rejection or other problem relationships helps these people to learn a tremendous amount about love and relationships, and they can easily be turned to for very insightful advice about human interactions. Applying this wisdom on a personal level is the challenge, as Chiron-Venus people need to first heal their own deep fears of not being “good enough”. They need to learn to love themselves and to make sure their partners are meeting them halfway. They might also be attracted to partners who need help, but with the hard aspects, it might be hard to get back the same kind of attention or appreciation.

Chiron and Venus: Please try to get some pleasure for yourself in a relationship instead of always helping your partner to open up. Chiron/Venus aspects can make for a great art teacher who (as always with Chiron) can teach their students to create art better than they themselves could ever do. These aspects are also good for giving great financial advice (Venus rules Taurus, the money sign) while one’s own handling of money matters is a disaster area…


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